Griffin had his first day of school on Friday. All last week he was mad  because the other kids were going to school and he wasn’t. He  had a visit to his classroom on Wednesday, and then finally got to start school on Friday. He was so excited! He got ready with no problem and eagerly headed off to school.

He is definitely one of the youngest in the class, since he won’t be four until the end of November, so he looks very small next to everyone, but he did okay at going in and only needed a couple of cuddles before we left him for the day. He goes all day every other day, and his class is a mix of Junior and Senior Kindergarten children. I have worked in his teacher’s room before, so I know she is a great teacher and I’m confident he is in good hands.

Over the weekend I learned that none of his friends from daycare are in his class, and that he had a hard time opening his lunch containers. I wrote a note to his teacher about the containers, and reassured him that he would become friends with the kids in his class.

Today was his second day of school, and it did not go so well. He was not going to school today. He seemed to think it was a choice, and kept telling me he was staying home with his family. I just continued to get the other kids ready and eventually invited him to help me make his lunch. I let him put a couple of treats in his lunch bag, and he decided to get ready for school.

Fast forward to the school…

I tried to get him to stand in his line and it just wasn’t happening, so we stood back and waited for the bell. The kindergarten teachers come out and walk their classes inside, so I hoped he would go when his teacher came out, but instead he practically crawled up my body, wrapped his little arms around my neck and broke out in sobs. Mrs. M came over and gently spoke to him while removing him from my neck…and then guided him into the school with a smile on her face, while he continued to cry.

I had to get out of there because it was breaking my heart. I’m just a heap of emotions these days. It’s too hard to send one to live away from home for school, and another off to Junior Kindergarten in the same year.

I hope Thursday will be better.



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