In sticking with my posts about strange home decor and furnishings, I have found some unique carpets to share with you.

This is an interesting choice in carpet. I suppose it could go well in your breakfast nook, if carpets were suited to breakfast nooks. It could be a fun carpet for a playroom …and those yolks would make great pillows, lol.

The Egg Carpet

I actually really like this one. It would look great in a cottage or in my rec room with it’s wooden floors. It would look really great in front of one of the fireplaces I shared before.

The tree stump

This one is called confusion, and I think that’s a perfect name for it. It would be a great carpet to put in a room like this one, where there isn’t a lot else going on, and it would make a great conversation starter!


You would have to pass on furniture if you were going to use this flying carpet, but it could be very functional in a playroom or a kids’ room. I wonder how comfortable it is…

The Flying Carpet

This one wouldn’t be overly comfortable, but it would definitely be decorative, especially as an outdoor mat. It’s different, but I really like it.

River Rock Rug

This is also straight from nature, and I think it’s gorgeous as a decoration, but as a rug…I’m not so sure. They say you need to keep it in a humid part of your house….

Moss Rug

If for some reason you need some rugs that resemble meat products (maybe to sit next to your egg carpet), I have a few choices for you!

Mortadella Rug


Meat Rug


Salami Rug


And my last strange carpet is the puzzle carpet. I love this one, because I own it. The puzzle pieces can be rearranged however you choose!

Puzzle Carpet

Puzzle Rug



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