Day: October 5, 2011

About Her, 9 women’s battles with breast cancer

I am watching a show on the Women’s Network called About Her. Click the link to watch a trailer, but basically it is a documentary about nine women who were diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Here is what they say about the show on their website… About Her follows the intimate and insightful stories of nine young women diagnosed with the aggressive HER2 + form of breast cancer. Filled with humour and candour, each woman’s unique perspective, from the sensitive to the irreverent, is woven together to reveal their shared experiences of discovery, treatment and recovery....

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Nine years ago…

Nine years ago today I woke up completely alone in my house because my son and fiance slept over at my inlaws’ house. It was strange to be alone, and strange to know that on that day, exactly three weeks before my thirtieth birthday, I was going to be married. After getting breakfast and showered, I suddenly regretted not having chosen gloves to wear with my wedding dress and I decided I HAD to have them. This is why brides should not be left alone on the night before their weddings. They become irrational and focus on ridiculous things...

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Wordless Wednesday: Distractions

A walk that takes me 10 minutes on my own, took an hour with my kids today. There were just too many distractions! First they had to stop and try to catch this little guy…     And then we had to stop and play here…   And Griffin needed to take a rest here… And then we had to stop and watch this… And then we finally made it home!...

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