Day: October 7, 2011

Halloween shopping at Shoppers Drug Mart #CBias

I think I lost a whole month somewhere, because it is already October and I barely noticed September! Thanksgiving is almost here and Halloween will come right after, and I have no decorations, costumes or candy! My town doesn’t have a lot of options for shopping for this type of thing, so I decided to head to Shoppers Drug Mart in Stratford, Ontario. First I searched for the flyer online and found the flyer for this week that ends today, and the flyer for next week. I looked them both over and decided that there was more being featured...

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Very cool and creative Jack-o-lanterns

My Mom has always made some pretty cool jack-o-lanterns, and the tradition has continued in my house, although not by me, lol. My husband enjoys carving creative pumpkins with the kids. I was looking for some ideas for this year’s pumpkins, and found some pretty unique jack-o-lantern ideas. There is a website called that has some of the most incredible pumpkin carvings I have ever seen. Here are a couple of his creations, but be sure to take a look at his site. You will be amazed! Tow Mater is definitely my favourite, lol. If you like Star...

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