Day: October 23, 2011

Thursday Plantation: Australia’s Original

Thursday Plantation makes organic products out of Tea Tree Oil. I first heard about Tee Tree Oil several years ago when there was a lice outbreak in our local public school. Some of the parents started using Tea Tree Oil shampoo because they heard it would help prevent their kids from getting lice. It seemed to work, and I have had a positive view of it ever since! I had heard about the benefits of it as an antiseptic as well, but I hadn’t tried it before now. I was sent a variety of Thursday Plantation products to try,...

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ISO of #EqualCanada at our local Tim Hortons #CBias

My daughter is a social butterfly and seems to get invited to a lot of birthday parties. While that is really nice for her, it’s a little hard on her brothers who get a little jealous when they don’t have a party to go to. Today she was off to another birthday party, so after dropping her off, my husband and I took the two boys to Tim Hortons for a treat. It was right before lunch, so we shouldn’t have bought cookies, but we are both pushovers, so both boys got pumpkin gingerbread men. I bought a small...

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