Day: October 24, 2011

The 3D Soccer Light is VERY cool!

My son is so excited about the 3D Soccer Light from 3D Deco Lights. He sleeps in a loft bed, and there is no place to put a lamp for him to use at night, and he would like to be able to read at night. When I saw the 3D Soccer Light, I knew it was the perfect solution. Unfortunately, his brother went on a wall colouring spree, and I have not been able to hang the light for him yet because we have to paint, but he has been using it by laying it on the bed...

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Win a $500 Shopping Spree! #HorizonDHA

DHA and Omega 3’s are an important part of a developing child’s diet. They support brain, eye and heart health, and are found primarily in fish. Since children often don’t like to eat fish, it can be hard to make sure they get enough DHA in their diets. Fish oil is high in DHA because fish feed on marine algae. Horizon Organic® has created a milk that has added DHA that is still vegetarian because it goes right to the source for the DHA: marine algae. Horizon Organic® is the only nationally branded organic milk with a plant-based, sustainable...

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