A Visit to a Canadian Hot Spot: Tim Hortons

I had plans to go to our local Tim Hortons (we only have one) with a friend on Thursday afternoon, but unfortunately my son was sick at school and instead I had to pick him up and play mommy nurse for awhile. I don’t often get to go out for coffee or quiet time with friends, so I was looking forward to it, but we are going to reschedule for another day. Today I took advantage of the fact that my oldest son is home for the weekend and had him babysit so I could go for coffee with my husband, without any kids…also a rare experience.

We get Tim Hortons a lot, but it is almost always a drive thru trip. I usually get a steeped tea, which is my favourite thing at Tim Hortons, but today I decided to do things a little differently. I saw this sign…

…and decided I needed a French Vanilla Cappuccino. Mike went all out and had the new French Vanilla Cappuccino Supreme. Both drinks were delicious, but Mike’s was a little messy…or he is a little messy…because he had to clean whipped cream off of himself.

Tim Hortons was a little busy when we were ordering, but when I saw the girl behind the counter was free, I asked her what kind of sweeteners they offer. She said in the St. Marys store they only have Splenda. I asked her if they ever offered Equal and she had only seen Splenda in the store. She was very friendly and even posed for this picture for me. The Splenda was kept behind the counter, and not on the tables, so I wouldn’t know what sweeteners were available without asking.

We didn’t ask for sugar substitutions in our drinks because I’m not sure you can do that on the flavoured cappuccinos. Sometimes I ask for sweetener in my steeped tea, but I didn’t know which sweetener I was getting. I don’t buy sweeteners for our personal use. There is no medical reason for us to have them, and I find they are more expensive than I would like. When my Grandmother was alive, we used to keep Equal on hand because she was diabetic.

I take a long time to finish a hot drink. so once Mike’s drink was nearly done we decided to leave Tim Hortons. We were going to go for a little walk, but it was starting to get cool out so we just brought our coffees home. It was nice to be out, even if it was for a short time, and Tim Hortons is always a pleasure.

To learn more about Equal Sweetener, visit their website, their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

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