So here it is, the day before Halloween, and we realized we still don’t have a pumpkin. We usually have several pumpkins, and my husband goes all out and carves them into extravagant creations…but this year Halloween just came too fast and we were not prepared. My husband went to our local grocery store and picked up on sad little pumpkin, but that was the best he could do there since everyone else clearly thought ahead and already bought them all.

So…we went for a drive in search of pumpkins. If you live in a rural area like mine, you won’t think we are completely crazy. It’s not unheard of to go for a country drive in search of corn on the cob, eggs or pumpkins and other produce, and we figured we would find something. It wasn’t very long before we found a promising farm with a few big pumpkins on a trailer and a sign saying they were for sale. We pulled up and hopped out of the van, only to be told that they were spoken for and they were just about to take the signs down 🙁

So, back in the van we went and drove even further. There is a farm I know of that sells pumpkins so we headed to it, only to find they had closed up shop for the day too. It was getting late and we were getting hungry, so we drove a little further into the city and stopped at East Side Marios (AKA the Green Restaurant…something my children have always called it and we have no idea why) for some dinner.

We had a gift card and wanted to keep the amount within the card budget, so the kids each got a kids meal (two had cheese pizza, and one had chicken strips), my husband had a burger and I ordered some pasta.

After we ate, I ordered a coffee with milk and sweetener. I asked for Equal specifically and she said she would check, but they must not have had any because when she brought my coffee, it came with sugar packs and Sweet n Low.

I asked for a comment card, and filled out how great the food and the service was, and requested that they add Equal to their sweetener choices.

The kids were given little ice cream cones as part of their kids meals, which they enjoyed before we left. Griffin had to be silly for me in this picture, lol.

Then we set out on our way home, on a different path than the one we took to get there, and guess what we saw…two places that sold pumpkins, but they were shut down for the night and we couldn’t get one. *sigh*

I guess tomorrow I will be heading out to buy a pumpkin.

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