Thursday Plantation makes organic products out of Tea Tree Oil. I first heard about Tee Tree Oil several years ago when there was a lice outbreak in our local public school. Some of the parents started using Tea Tree Oil shampoo because they heard it would help prevent their kids from getting lice. It seemed to work, and I have had a positive view of it ever since! I had heard about the benefits of it as an antiseptic as well, but I hadn’t tried it before now.

I was sent a variety of Thursday Plantation products to try, and the first thing I did was go online to find out about the company and their products.

The story below is taken from the Thursday Plantation website. It was too good to only tell part of it!


In the 1970’s Eric White became the latter-day pioneer of the Australian tea tree industry. Convinced of its applications in modern society, Eric chose the alternately floodwashed and drought-baked Bungawalbyn Swamp, near Coraki in northern NSW, for his first crops. After four years of painstaking research and lobbying, a crown lease was granted.

It arrived on a Thursday in 1976….this is the day Thursday Plantation was born.

Sadly, after several years of planting, harvesting and distilling his tea tree in the harsh bush, his health failed. But the trees flourished and demand grew. An unfortunate occurrence for his step-son Christopher Dean helped continue Eric’s dream of introducing the power of the plants into homes throughout the world.

This is the story of Thursday Plantation…

In 1978, Christopher Dean was trekking overland through Africa with a group of Australians. Somewhere on this adventure, Christopher contracted a severe infection in his toenail.

After 5 months of trying to get rid of this infection using the knowledge of pharmacists and doctors as well as folk medicine and witch doctor recipes from around the world, Christopher was advised by the London School of Tropical Medicine that the infection was incurable.

The only known treatment involved surgical removal of the toenails and the infected tissue, followed by a severe caustic preparation to attempt to inhibit any regrowth.

Help arrived from Australia via his brother Michael Dean, who had recently arrived in London on a business trip. Michael had brought some precious drops of Australian Tea Tree Oil, renowned through folklore and from Aboriginal medicine and early scientific discoveries, as an outstanding healing oil. The oil was produced by their step-father, Eric White.

Within ten minutes of applying the oil, the intense itching and agonising pain which had caused bleeding all around the feet started to lessen. Within 4 hours the swelling of the toes and the redness had subsided to a near normal colour. Within 4 days there was a total remission of all symptoms and the feet were completely healed. Christopher realised his step-father had an extraordinary product on his hands.

Now that Christopher had discovered for himself the unique and remarkable value of Tea Tree Oil, he decided to rejoin his step-father Eric. On phoning Australia to tell Eric about his decision, he found that Eric had suffered a major heart attack and was in hospital, in intensive care with all hope of completing his project doomed.

So, with little more than a handful of clothes, Chris and his wife Lynda moved to the wilds of Bungawalbyn. They had no home, nor any money. Their first house was built from the scrounged remnants of a timber scrap heap and what could be found from the local tip.

The plantation was 17 kilometres from the nearest mail service and an equal distance from a telephone. There was no power or running water, and the land was regularly inundated and cut off, sometimes for weeks at a time by the awesome floods of the region. Yet here Christopher could feel the magic in the trees.

Here was the largest and most majestic of the medicinal Tea Trees. Taking the seed and following the careful planning of his step-father, Christopher continued the work Eric had started. And the very first plantation of Australian Melaleuca alternifolia was laid down.

The Deans started to produce Tea Tree Oil from a traditional bush cutting method. By now they had realised that only a handful of people really understood the true value of this oil. The Deans became obsessed with the mission of bringing Australian Tea Tree Oil to the world – a safer alternative and a renewable resource.

Driven by this obsession, they started to sell their Tea Tree Oil at local markets. People quickly discovered the remarkable results for psoriasis, sores, eczema and rashes and also everyday problems such as cuts, stings, burns, pimples and vaginal infections. The response was overwhelming.

Recognising that they couldn’t do this alone without funds, and also the importance of creating this product for the whole world, the Deans established the Australian Tea Tree Industry Association and lobbied the government to get involved in supporting research and building up awareness of the wonder and value of Australian Tea Tree Oil. The Australian government got behind them with agricultural research, followed by detailed scientific studies on the applications of the oil.

Thursday Plantation bought degraded cattle and sugar farmlands to establish sustainable and ecologically-sound tea tree production in 1988. The Ballina factory distilled its first oil in 1989 and scientists began work in the Research and Development laboratories in 1990.

The oil was delivered to Los Angeles, Vancouver, Dallas, London and on through Sweden, France, Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand. Within a few short years, 20 countries had come to learn of the remarkable properties of Australian Tea Tree Oil. At the same time tens of millions of trees were now being planted and a magnificent sustainable industry was now underway returning hundreds of millions of trees to the native lands. At last we had begun to reverse the previous 200 years of deforestation of the Tea Tree.

Today, Thursday Plantation is part of Integria Healthcare, a leader in science based natural healthcare. Thursday Plantation products are sold throughout health food stores and pharmacies in Australia and internationally.


Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Acne products are for the natural management of skin bacteria and pathogens responsible for acne and pimples. Thursday Plantation Acne products are free from Benzoyl Peroxide.

Tea Tree Antiseptic Spray with Aloe Vera

Provides symptomatic relief to minor wounds (cuts, scratches, abrasions) and tinea.


  • Contains 100% pure Tea Tree Oil, a natural antiseptic and antifungal
  • Contains Aloe Vera for additional cooling and soothing relief
  • Convenient size for handbags and first aid kits
  • Free from synthetic parabens, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, lauryl sulphates, synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colours and animal derived ingredients

Organic Range

Still putting harsh petrochemicals, synthetic additives and other nasties on your skin? Thursday Plantation has raised the bar to further deliver on its natural and pure credentials. Selected products in the range have been reformulated to accredited organic standards.

  • Tea Tree Body Wash
  • Tea Tree Hand & Body Lotion
  • Tea Tree Organic Soap 
I really like the Thursday Plantation products that I tried. At first I wasn’t sure that I liked the scent, but it has grown on me over time. I have dry skin and seem to get rashes and skin irritations very easily, and the Thursday Plantation lotions and body washes are soothing and I think my skin looks better since using it. I have a package of Tea Tree Liquid Filled Cotton Tips that I think are fantastic. They have aloe vera in them as well as tea tree oil, and when there is a small cut or scrape or hang nail, you can squeeze some out and get instant relief.
I am going to continue to use Thursday Plantation, particularly the swabs mentioned above, the body wash and the hand lotion. I like that they are organic and they are definitely a product I recommend.


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