Dr. Oetker is a family-owned enterprise, which is headed in the fourth generation by Dr. h. c. August Oetker. The family feels bound by its responsibilities, not only to the company but also to society as a whole. This is reflected in the family’s environmentally oriented approach to corporate management, its initiatives aimed at securing jobs as well as its general social and cultural commitment.

Today, the Dr. Oetker companies in various countries around the world are managed by Oetker International in Bielefeld, Germany. Although activities centre on the markets of Western and Eastern Europe, Dr. Oetker also maintains a presence in North and South America.

We love pizza in my house. It’s one of the few things that we all agree on, even if we don’t agree on the toppings! For the next few weeks, we will be trying a variety of Dr. Oetker frozen pizzas and telling you what we think about them. We started out with two Ristorante pizzas: Ristorante Speciale and Ristorante Spinaci.

Ristorante Speciale

This unique thin crust pizza with Pepperoni, Smoked Ham and Mushrooms make this pizza a culinary feast. Edam, Mozzarella and spicy herbs add to the full flavour of this wonderful pizza.


Since we often don’t agree on toppings, I moved the mushrooms over to one half of the pizza before cooking. It’s really easy to move the frozen toppings, and then everyone is happy!

I love how fresh this pizza looks and tastes. Thin crusts are my favourite, so that went over well with me as well. My oldest son devoured half the pizza, so I would say he liked it as well. This is one of the best frozen pizzas I have tried, and I have had a lot of frozen pizza.

Ristorante Spinaci

This unique pizza is layered with sun-ripened tomatoes, savoury leaf spinach, cheese and mozzarella, perfected by a hearty garlic sauce.

I knew that this pizza wouldn’t go over well with my kids because they try to avoid anything green or healthy, but I am trying to eat healthier so I wanted to try it. I actually thought it looked really good.

It looks even better once it’s cooked, and it tastes great too. I will be getting this one again to have at lunch on the days I am all alone (and I probably won’t eat the whole thing myself).

What I liked the most about these pizzas was that even thought the crust is thin, it doesn’t get soggy. The toppings are very fresh too…it’s like having a homemade pizza, not a frozen one!

You can see more great Dr. Oetker products on their website.



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