This post brought to you by Puppies vs. Babies. All opinions are 100% mine.

There is a fun contest going on right now, where you can vote on which you think is cuter, Puppies vs. Babies. What a fun idea! The submission portion of the contest is over, which is lucky for everyone who entered, because I have had some pretty cute babies and we have a cute puppy too! If my children were entered, I would vote for my babies of course, but since they aren’t entered, I had to vote for the puppies.

I think that babies are cute, but puppies are cuter, because even the ugliest puppy is still really cute. And they’re soft and they don’t spit up on you! You do have to clean up their poop, but that’s true of babies too. I like babies, really. I had four of them, lol … and if we are talking about MY babies, they are cuter than any puppy or baby on the planet (that is my completely unbiased opinion). This is really all about timing, since I have had a need for a fur baby lately … so puppies are catching my eye!

You can have a chance to take part in this fun Puppies vs. Babies online contest too, but clicking the link and placing your vote. If you go for the puppies, there is a little heartbreaker named Harley that I couldn’t resist, and I have no personal connection to him.

Tell me what you think…puppies or babies?



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