The Magellan RoadMate 9055-LM is a premium GPS navigator with a huge 7″ touch screen and packed with features including lifetime map updates1, Bluetooth calling, OneTouch™ favorites menu, free lifetime traffic alerts, highway lane assist and built-in AAA TourBook, plus much more.


First and foremost, I love the size of the screen. It is easy to see while driving and it changes to night screen on it’s own, which I think is great. It’s easy to use and you can connect your phone through Bluetooth, and then have it easily upload your address book for phone calls. It didn’t work well for us for voice commands when trying to make a call. It was calling the wrong people, but I can use the voice command for my phone and it will call and allow us to speak through the GPS.

The GPS provides traffic information in some areas. I live in a fairly rural area and it does not offer that information around here, but when I traveled to Toronto it was available. I really appreciate the free map updates. My last GPS could not be updated unless I paid a $75 fee! That was almost as much as the system cost to buy, and once it was about a year old I kept finding myself places where the GPS could no longer track me. That’s not a good situation to be in when you are far away from home. Free map updates are a must!

When you arrive at your destination, you can ask the GPS to find parking for you, and it can direct you to places to stay, play, dine, and more.


I like the way that the GPS attaches to your vehicle. It has a strong suction cup that does not come unattached while driving, and there is a long arm that makes it easy to reach the screen while in the driver’s seat. The GPS easily slides on and off the arm so that you never have to take it off of the window if you don’t want to. There is an A/V input on the screen so that it can also be used to watch movies or listen to music when you are not using it to guide you.

I wish that there was an option to change the voice command of the GPS. It’s not an important thing, but it is nice to make that choice when you will be listening to it for a long period of time. I have had the GPS tell me that my destination was on the left when it was in fact on the right, but otherwise it has been very accurate, and it has been used several times for trips that were even a few hours long.



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