Pizza is a favourite meal in my house, but it’s also something my husband and I like to enjoy some nights for a special treat. The Dr. Oetker frozen pizzas are perfect, because we can pull them out of the freezer and cook them whenever we want, yet they still taste fresh like a delivery pizza!

Casa Di Mama – Three Meat

Authentic Italian Pizzeria style crust topped with a spiced tomato sauce and deli meats including pepperoni, smoked ham and chunks of Italian Sausage.

Like all of the Casa Di Mama pizzas we have tried, this one was delicious. My big boys in the house like all meat toppings, so this was especially popular with them, but I really enjoyed it too. I’m constantly surprised at how Dr. Oetker pizzas taste freshly made when they are frozen. I don’t know how they do it, but I’m glad they do and I will be a customer for life, especially with the Casa Di Mama pizzas!

While the Casa Di Mama pizzas are my favourite, the Ristorante pizzas are a close second. They also have a delicious thin crust and fresh toppings. This mushroom pizza was incredible!

Ristorante Funghi

The most preferred vegetable pizza. Enjoy this vegetable pizza with its many aromatic mushrooms, fruity tomatoes, tasty cheese and fine mozzarella cheese.

Look how fresh and huge those mushrooms are. It was excellent. As per usual, I moved the toppings to one side of the pizza so that my boring children could have their plain cheese pizza, but I couldn’t move all of the mushrooms because there were already so many on there! I ended up filling a small plate with extra mushrooms. Usually when I buy frozen pizza I appreciate that I have to move the toppings because there aren’t very many, but that definitely isn’t the case with Dr. Oetker pizzas.

My husband and I had the sole privilege of enjoying this pizza, and we really did. It is healthy and tastes great. I love mushrooms, so it is the perfect pizza for me.



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