Playdate Planet is a new website that makes booking playdates easy for today’s parents. If you spend a lot of time online and prefer that method for connecting with others, it’s the perfect way to organize your children’s play time!

About the Creators of Playdate Planet…

Lisa and Meryl met in the first grade at a time when schools still lined children up by height and we were the shortest two girls.  Now all grown up, Lisa works as a business analyst for an investment banking firm and Meryl is a recovering attorney working in real estate sales and writing fiction. Lisa lives in New York with her husband Jim, and son Tyler, and Meryl resides in Pittsburgh with her husband Dave, son Drew, and daughter Jessie. Despite the geographic distance and the passage of time they have remained close friends.

When Meryl’s kids began elementary school, she hated the fact that the children had no playground and nothing other than asphalt to play on. She spearheaded a campaign to create a playground and sports field, complete with innovative play structures and safe play surfaces. Meanwhile, Lisa couldn’t understand why it had to be so difficult for parents to schedule playdates. When she came up with an online solution, she called Meryl, and Playdate Planet was born.

How it works…

I visited Playdate Planet and registered on the site. Next, I created my profile. I could put in as little or as much information as I wanted, and I chose to just start with the basics. I added my name and photo, and then added the names, birth years and photos for each of my kids who are in the age this would apply to.

I was curious about the level of security and privacy on the site, since it includes information about my children and I could enter our address, phone number, etc. so I went in search of some answers and found the following information on the FAQ page:

How secure is my information?  As parents ourselves, we know how important it is for all your information to remain as secure as possible. We’ve made every effort to safeguard the information you’ve provided, so that no unauthorized persons can gain access to it.

What do you do with my information?  The information you provide allows you and your selected Playdate Planet parent friends to create and schedule playdates. We never sell or share the information we gather with anyone outside of your circle, including our advertisers.

Who can see my Playdates?  Playdates you design are visible only to those friends who you have invited. Playdates you’ve accepted are only visible to you and the other friends attending the Playdate. At no time are your Playdates visible to everyone on Playdate Planet.

Once I was satisfied that my information was secure, I decided to set up a playdate, and then I realized I had no one to invite, lol. You need to invite friends to the site so that they are on your list of friends to send your invitations to. You can invite people from facebook, from your email address book or by manually entering their email addresses. They need to accept the invitation and register in order to appear on your friends list.

Once you have friends to invite, you can schedule a playdate. You have the option to select which child the playdate is for, list the location and what you will be doing, give a length of time for the event and leave some notes…

It is very quick and easy to do, and I can see it being a great tool. I don’t have the email addresses of many of my children’s friends’ parents, so this is a bit of a drawback, but over time I could see gathering enough of them to make it work. You can learn more about Playdate Planet on their facebook page and twitter account.

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