The Driving Skills for Life program teaches newly licensed teens the necessary skills for safe driving beyond what they learn in standard Drivers Ed programs. Vehicle crashes are the number one killer of teenagers. Even more, U.S rural teen drivers are nearly twice as likely to be killed in crashes compared to their urban counterparts. The program’s online toolkit contains information on topics such as how to scan for potential hazards, handling your vehicle’s size and weight, and managing your speed behind the wheel, among others. There are also interactive games and quizzes noting the importance of eco-driving to personal safety and the environment.

Ford DSFL is a FREE comprehensive program that includes learning tools such as:

  • Web site,, includes four study modules and a quiz, car care videos, several interactive games, and enhanced curriculum noting the importance of eco-driving to personal safety and the environment.
  • Electronic Educator packet that can be used by students and parents at home, as well as educators in the classroom and community settings. This FREE packet includes an in-depth video concentrating on each of our four driving skills, a letter for parents, a letter for educators, a leader’s guide and brochures. To download materials, click here.
  • Ride-and-drives where teens get behind the wheel and go through exercises on the four Ford DSFL skills. These are great opportunities for teens to gain experience, with a professional instructor at their side, in the four primary skills – hazard recognition, vehicle handling, speed management, and space management.

However, the learning isn’t just for teens. There’s plenty that parents can do to help encourage safe driving habits as well.

Watch this video about Ford Driving Skills for Life.

 Find out all about the Ford Driving Skills for Life program by visiting their website:



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