The hard part about publicly losing weight, is that you become accountable to everyone. Or maybe no one really gives a damn, but I have to admit I feel a little disappointed when I look at my past week. I didn’t exercise enough. I didn’t take enough steps, and I overate…albeit slightly. I could make all of the excuses in the world…I was busy, the kids were being demanding, I have shin splints and didn’t want to run…but in the end, none of them matter. I made choices and rather than dwelling on them, I’m going to celebrate my successes.

This week, I managed to get in some exercise despite my shin splints and a new dumping of snow outside. I pulled out my “Your Shape” for Kinect and used it three times through the week. I did some extensive housecleaning that counted as physical activity, and I ate a lot more good carbs, like fruit and vegetables, and a lot less of the sugary kind. I sent myself to bed at a reasonable hour and managed to get a little more sleep than last week.

My bodyfit armbad regularly reminded me what I needed to do, and without it I don’t know if I would have found a way to exercise despite the shin splints. At the end of the week, I managed to lose another 1.5 inches off of my waist, and I lost 1 pound…bringing me to a total of 1.8 pounds lost and 3″ lost off my waist.

I also improved my eating habits by increasing the amount of protein I’m eating, and cutting out a lot of the breads, cereals and unhealthy carbs I was eating. I introduced myself to a vegetable I have never had called bok choy (I live in a small sheltered town, lol) and I loved it, and I’m going to continue adding new fruits and vegetables to our diets.

How was your week? What obstacles did you have to overcome this week?



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