Summer camp was a true highlight of my childhood. I remember when my older sister went to camp…I was so jealous. I couldn’t wait for my turn! A couple of years later I got my turn, and I took my first steps towards independence and self confidence. At school and other social activities, I was always quiet and shy, but at summer camp I could be anyone I wanted to be, and I wanted to be outgoing and test my leadership skills…and I did! I made friends quickly and left there feeling like I made some of the best friends of my life.

I learned so many new skills at camp too. My first time in a canoe and all of my horseback riding skills started at summer camp. I learned to love games like Capture the Flag, and in our bunks I learned less useful skills, like how to burp the loudest, that are just as memorable as everything else I learned.

I attended a Christian camp, and strengthening Faith played a big role in our camp activities. Our campfires were meaningful and memorable times where our camp counselors would tell us their stories about how they found God and what faith has meant to them in their lives. I left camp each year feeling renewed and strengthened.

I wanted my son to have the same experiences, so when he reached about 8 years old I started sending him to the same camp (different location) that I attended as a kid. He loved it as much as I did, and I loved hearing his stories about games and friendships and faith…and it was easy to overlook the fact that his toothbrush wasn’t touched for a week and I don’t think he got in arm’s length of soap either.

No matter what type of camp you attend, I believe that it is a valuable experience, and I can’t wait to let my three youngest children experience it too!

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