A couple of months ago, we were at my son’s hockey game and some of the Dads went outside with my husband to take a look at the Ford Explorer I was test driving. They came inside raving about how nice the Explorer is, and one of the Dads said he drives an F-150 and I should test drive one of those. I laughed, and said that I am more interested in family vehicles than trucks. He said I would be surprised at how well an F-150 works for a family, and my husband launched his campaign for us to test drive a truck. Honestly, I wasn’t convinced that this was a vehicle that would work for a family, but I consented and spoke to the good people at Ford who arranged a test drive.

This is a 2012 Ford F-150 Platinum with extended cab. My first impression was: this is a BIG truck. I wondered how I would even get myself into it, since I’m all of 5’3″, but that was answered as soon as I opened the door and the running boards magically appeared from under the truck.

The interior of the truck is also huge, and it is comfortable too, with leather heated seats. Even the back seats are heated, which the kids thought was pretty cool. I like that the driver’s seat, steering wheeling, and gas and brake pedals all could be adjusted and when you turn the truck off and on again, they remember where you needed them. Being able to press a button and bring the pedals closer to me was not only necessary for me, but it made for a very comfortable drive.

Leather seats

I couldn’t get over the amount of space there was in the back. Not only was there plenty of room to put three kids, even with two booster seats, but I could climb in and buckle them up from the inside because there is so much leg room. The middle seat converts to an arm rest too, if you don’t need all three spots. There is a sunroof in this truck too!


Like all of the new Fords I’ve driven, everything is digital. There is an entertainment system, a GPS, and the reverse aid that allows you to see what’s behind you by looking at the screen on the dash. I love that feature. The dashboard has an indicator to let you know how many kilometers you can go before you run out of gas…a handy little feature that I wish all vehicles had.

F150 dash

Reverse Aid

We didn’t use the truck bed at all, but it had some interesting looking things back there and I had no idea what they were, so I did some research. Apparently, you can extend the length of the truck bed like this…

This truck had all of the bells and whistles and rang in around $60,000. Now that I see how well you can fit a family in it, I believe it could be a great vehicle for families like ours…the dad works at construction sites and does outdoor type work, but also needs to drive the kids to hockey games or pick them up from school. It’s perfect for big jobs too, if you don’t mind being called on to do them!



So I’m sold…this isn’t just for guys and works for families too. You can visit Ford Canada to learn more about the F-150.



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