The eFun Nextbook Premium 9 Tablet has a large 9″ colour screen. It is very sleek, and the display is excellent. It comes with Wi-Fi, making it easy to get online and use the browser and internet. There is a built-in camera and it is equipped with android 2.3 OS.

I ran into some problems when I wanted to get some of my favourite apps. The Android Market is not available for this tablet. Upon further research, I learned that I could use the Amazon App Store and get all of the apps I wanted. I downloaded it and attempted to download my first app, just to get the message that the Amazon App Store is not available in my region (I’m guessing that means Canada). So I went in search of a way to get apps. There is a free app service on the Nextbook, called Slide, but it didn’t offer any of the apps I was looking for. Then I read online that I could download apps with the .apk extension and then transfer them to the Nextbook. I tried it, and it worked! I found some apps that I really wanted (you know, important ones like Angry Birds) and then I found Panda App. This is another free app store and it has many apps that I like and use.

Drawing Pad App

Aside from apps, I love to use this tablet when I travel so that I don’t have to carry my laptop. It is light and fits in my purse, making it very convenient for travel. I also use it for recipes so that I can have my recipe in the kitchen with me while I cook, rather than walking back and forth to the computer to get the next steps.

As an ereader, I found the preloaded books to work well. I purchased a book online and when I tried to read it using Kobo, the right side of the page was cut off and I couldn’t read the book. I found if I set it to read two pages, I could read it though. I believe this is an issue with the Kobo app, rather than the tablet, since the preloaded books work fine.

We have been using the tablet for the kids more than anything. They love playing games and doing educational projects on it, and it’s a great tool for pulling up things like google earth or alphabet games when we want to learn something. The screen is the perfect size to work with and overall it’s easy to use.



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