One of the most fun parts of having a baby in the house is trying out all the new products that either weren’t around for your last baby or that you just didn’t buy!

I love testing products.  There are many products that I rave about, some I warn against, and some I’m just left wondering what in the world they were thinking.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to review The Rinse Hopper:  Ultimate Diaper Changer.  I have to say, that this is one of those products that left me scratching my head – until I actually tried it.  However, ultimately, I use this diaper changer for regular baths, and find myself not really using it for diaper changes for a few reasons:

  1. We use cloth diapers, and with cloth there is very rarely ever a blow out diaper.  We’ve had one in 6.5 months.
  2. Jett blows up his diapers on a pretty regular schedule, and I’m usually the only adult home when he does, so I find that this is too cumbersome of a task to carry a dirty baby and big tub thing to the sink to get the water temperature right.
  3. I also use cloth wipes, so it’s really no big deal for me to use several wipes and wipes solution for one mess.
  4. Jett is terrified of sitting in it with no water in it. See below.

The Rinse Hopper is great in theory, and probably a lot better for families who do not cloth diaper and have the huge blow outs that come with disposable diapers.  Baby has a blow out, and rather than deal with using a whole stack of wipes or give them a full out bath, put them in this, run water over them, and bam – as good as new. I think, if I did not use cloth diapers, and I had regular blow outs, this would be a much better fit for my family.

The Rinse Hopper not only reduces the risk of rash and irritation because your baby is left clean, but it also saves you money by allowing you to use fewer wipes!

When he’s calm, it’s great!  I did find, though, that if your baby is laying back, it’s hard to pour water down his/her back to get a good clean on the back side. Sitting up like this, it’s better for an all over clean.

The downside to this product is that it’s extremely bulky and it’s just another bathtub like product that takes up space!

This is actually where my clothes hamper is supposed to go!

We like to use this for regular baths.  Jett doesn’t care for the traditional baby bathtubs, because there’s not enough water for him, and they’re not that comfortable for him to lay in.  he wants to be submerged in the water, kicking and splashing – he loves it!  Most of the time, I just put him in the bath with me, but for those times that I’ve already had a bath, and he is in the kind of mood to where he wants to do it on his own, he like this one!

For bath use I like that the Rinse Hopper offers these features:

  • It is an ergonomic, comfortable tub that allows the baby to keep that natural curl while laying in it.
  • The holes at the bottom allow for a constant depth of water.  If he splashes water out, it fills right back up through the bottom.
  • The holes also allow for you to just drain your tub and walk away without worrying about emptying and drying your baby’s tub before storing.
  • The head end of the tub allows the baby to stay submerged in water while keeping his head above the water level.
  • No mesh, no frills, and easy to clean.

Overall, I think the product is a good concept, it’s just not very practical for my family, although we love alternative diapering methods.

Lisa and her husband live in Mont Belvieu, Texas (East Houston) with their four kiddos. She is a labor doula as well as a full time blogger. Lisa is active in the natural parenting and birth community in the Houston, Texas area, and is the owner of
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