My family is expanding by three (no, I’m not pregnant but we are welcoming three children into our home), and before our new additions arrive we want to get our house in top shape! We have been purging and cleaning and yesterday I finally got started on painting with the boys’ bedroom.

I actually really enjoy painting. I love a fresh new room and spotless walls. However, I don’t like rollers that slide off the handle and roller brushes that leave lint all over the wall. Thankfully, I had some new products from Shur-Line to make my painting a little easier.

Edge Like a Pro Makes Trimming a Room Easy

New SHUR-LINE edger eliminates the need for painter’s tape

Painting the trim in a room is often a time consuming and frustrating task for do-it-yourself painters.  Now, inconvenient steps like applying painter’s tape are no longer required.  And not using tape saves time and money and is better for the environment.

The SHUR-LINE Edge Like A Pro™ ceiling and trim paint edger is designed to be faster, more accurate and easier to clean than traditional edgers.

I have used a lot of different edgers in my life, and while I prefer any edger to cutting with a brush, this one from Shur-Line is excellent. I didn’t get paint on the ceiling at all…at least not from edging (I hit the ceiling with the roller once…oops). It made the job so quick and easy!

Extendable Pole Makes Painting Hard to Reach Places Easy

Innovative adjustment system locks into place while painting

Painting is one of the top do-it-yourself projects in Canada – it’s inexpensive, making it ideal for budget-minded families, and fairly easy.  But one of the tough parts of painting a room is reaching ceilings and the high spots on walls.

To help reach awkward and inconvenient areas, SHUR-LINE has produced the Easy Reach® pole.  While painting, a simple click of a button allows for easy adjustment of the length of the pole – up to double its length – from 30” to 60”.  After clicking the button, simply pull the handle in one direction to extend the pole an equal amount in the other direction and it adjusts and locks into place at various lengths.

The Easy Reach® pole has a universal threaded tip that fits multiple accessory attachments.  The soft foam handle provides added comfort and includes a built-in notch to hang the pole up for easy storage.

I love the soft grip on this handle, and it’s amazing how far it extends! We have very high ceilings at our entrance way, so when we get to painting there, this will definitely come in handy. For now, it works as a great extension handle so I don’t have to climb on the ladder to paint the walls.

SHUR-LINE Easy Release Frame Eliminates Messy Project Clean Up

Every year, Canadians spend billions of dollars on home renovation projects, and most of them include some painting.  Often, the most tiresome part of painting is at the end of the job – the dreaded clean up.  Pulling paint rollers from the frame is messy work as the paint oozes onto hands and clothes.

SHUR-LINE’s Easy Release roller frame provides do-it-yourself painters with a simple solution for quick and easy clean up.  The Easy Release frame is designed with a lever system that allows the user to release the roller cover for cleaning or disposal.  With one squeeze of the lever the roller cover is released from the frame, eliminating the need to pull the paint-filled roller off the frame while saving time and avoiding a mess.

Equipped with a patent pending cage design, the Easy Release frame also prevents the roller cover from slipping off the frame and it works with any standard roller cover.  The soft, ergonomic handle is designed for comfort, prevents hand fatigue and features a threaded end for use with an extension pole.

I am a Shur-Line customer for life with this product. I had no idea that there were roller brush frames of such high quality. My roller didn’t slide off of this once. I love the easy release button too, and the comparison between this and the cheap handle I bought were amazing…my husband started with the Shur-Line handle and I had the cheap hardware store handle. I painted one third of one wall when my frame broke. I had to hold the metal pole instead of the handle in order to paint, and I couldn’t do that for long before I gave up. It was a waste of money, even if it was cheap, and I won’t do it again.

We still have an entire house to paint, and I will be using Shur-Line for all of it!

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