Straightened hair

I have a confession. I’m a yoga pants and ponytail Mom. Everyone who knows me in real life is laughing right now, because seriously…that is the only way you ever see me, lol. I like to be comfortable. I hate having my hair in my face, and I have challenging hair so sticking it in a ponytail is the easiest way to deal with it. But I do admit, it may not be the most fashionable or attractive way to deal with it.

My hair is very fine and I have natural curl that gets frizzy. Since I haven’t known how to style it for most of my life, I have just done the ponytail thing…but now I’m starting to learn ways to deal with my hair. The right styling products can make all of the difference! I have tried just about every mousse, gel and stop frizz hair product you can think of. I find the ones that work really well are in a higher price bracket, but I guess that’s why! I have also tried curling irons, flat irons, crimpers (yes, in the eighties I used a crimper), rollers and special hairbrushes.

The thing that works best for me, is to put a styling product in my hair,dry it with a round brush and the hair dryer, and then use my flat iron. This takes a little more time than I like to spend on my hair (in other words…it takes longer than the 30 seconds required to put a hair elastic in) but the results are nice and it is what I do when I am doing more than dropping kids at school or going to the gym.

What do you do to have nice looking hair without spending hours working on it?




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