I was really excited to have a chance to review the #1 bestselling cookbook in Canada called “The Looneyspoons Collection“. I already own the Crazy Plates Cookbook by Janet and Greta Podleski, and it’s great, so I knew their latest book would be great too.

From the website…

The Looneyspoons Collection is jam-packed (as in “loaded”…not as in “full of jam”) with Greta’s amazing recipes (wait until you try her gluten-free brownies!) and tons of cutting-edge nutrition and lifestyle tips. It’s Janet & Greta’s most comprehensive cookbook to date and includes reader-favourite recipes from Looneyspoons, Crazy Plates and Eat, Shrink and Be Merry, PLUS recipes developed for magazines, their TV show and LOTS of BRAND-NEW, never-seen-before stuff, too. “I feel like this is the cookbook we were meant to write. The first three were just practice!” says Janet, the nutritionist of the duo.

“The best news for fans and owners of our cookbooks is that all of our old, outdated recipes from Looneyspoons and Crazy Plates have been REVISED and UPDATED to reflect current nutritional trends and ingredients,” adds Greta. “Remember way back in the 90s when all of the experts were telling us that ‘fat is evil’ and we should basically remove all fat from our diet? Well, now we know the difference between good fats (nuts, avocados) and bad fats (hydrogenated and trans fats) and that not all fat is bad for you. Coconut oil is good! Butter is not going to kill you! Similarly, no one was focusing on reducing salt and sugar back then, because fat was getting all the attention. We think some of our older recipes are too high in sugar and salt and these recipes have been modified and ‘healthified’ for the new book. We’ve also included gluten-free recipes as well as recipes suitable for diabetics. Our new Moroccan and Rollin’ Quinoa Salad alone is worth the price of the book! Finally, for all the Weight Watchers members who bombarded us with requests for the fibre content of Looneyspoons recipes, your wish will come true in The Looneyspoons Collection! Every recipe in the book, and there are loads of them, contains a complete nutritional analysis.”

Enjoy brand-new recipes like Stick to Your Ribs (pork tenderloin “ribs” with a zesty lemon-rosemary sauce), Honey, I Shrunk My Thighs (honey-garlic marinated chicken thighs), Corn, Black Bean and Mango Fandango (Greta’s new-favourite salad!) and Rolls Royce (Ooey, gooey cinnamon rolls with a touch of whole wheat and flax).

My thoughts…

I love how the LooneySpoons collection is packed full of colour photos and how they use humour throughout the book. Like they referenced on the website, the nutritional information is included with every recipe, which I find useful while I am trying to eat healthier and track weight watchers points.

There are a lot of great recipes for kids too, like Mixed Up Meatballs (turkey or chicken meatballs), Fee Fie Faux Fried Chicken and Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Fudge. The names alone make me want to try these recipes, but once you try them, it’s the taste that will keep you coming back.

I find something new that I want to make every time I open this book. The pictures are amazing, and the recipes are easy to follow and not full of foreign ingredients that I have never heard of. I don’t find it intimidating at all, like some cookbooks I have owned.<

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