You may remember when I posted my dismay about Griffin’s artistry in our upstairs hallway. If not, I have shared it below. It was permanent blue marker, and it was EVERYWHERE! I tried to get it off with a magic eraser, which did an okay job on the door, but since our walls were painted with a flat builder’s paint that was not at all washable, there was nothing I could do about the rest. That is, until I learned about Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint and primer in one!

The kind people at Behr set me up to recover our walls with this amazing new paint. It is a paint and primer in one, but since the walls were thoroughly covered in magic marker, we decided to play it safe and use primer as well, especially since I wasn’t covering it with a dark colour. This is the primer and paint that I used. Sorry for the messy cans. I had a memory card mishap and had to retake pictures after I painted!

I did one coat of primer, let it dry for the evening, and then I did two coats of paint. The colour I chose was called “Pewter Tray” and it’s a blue/gray colour that I found calming and perfect for the hallway outside of the bedrooms. It didn’t splatter while painting and it rolled on really nicely. It’s a very easy paint to use without making a mess and I’m so pleased with the end result.

As you can see in the picture, there is absolutely no trace of the blue marker on the walls. The door is also marker-free, but it has not been painted yet, only primed. The primer I used before painting actually covered all of the marker, so I knew that I wouldn’t have any issue once the paint was on, but it’s so nice to see that it is still looking clean and fresh, and there’s no more 4 year old art in my hallway. I really love the colour too.

You can buy Behr paint at all Home Depot locations in Canada. The staff at Home Depot were extremely helpful and very patient when I changed my mind on colours at the last minute. They may have teased me a little, lol…but I probably deserved it. They had already programmed the machines and had the paint cans ready when I changed my mind. I’m a woman, it’s my prerogative, right?

I have more Behr paint to do the main level of our house, so check back to see that colour choice and how everything looks when it’s done!



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