You were my surprise baby, who turned out to be one of life’s best surprises. You amazed me with your preference for pink and frilly before you could utter a word, and any attempt to put you in your brother’s hand me downs was met with a pout or a flailing tantrum. You are a girl who knows what she likes!

I loved when Daddy used to say “Avery, are you my girl?” and you would always reply “No, Mommy’s my girl.” I think you’re more of a Daddy’s girl now, but that’s okay and I love seeing the two of you together. I love how you giggle when Daddy says you are his favourite daughter, and you remind him that you’re the only daughter!

I think it’s great that you have your own sense of style, and I love how you can put on sneakers and tights, then throw a sequin skirt over top and walk away looking amazing! I love watching you dance in your classes and play with your friends. You know how to really have fun and you are a free spirit who doesn’t waste time worrying about what other people are thinking. You always give 100% when trying something new or scary and you do it with a smile.

You are such a sweet and sensitive girl. You care about other people and always try to include everyone when playing with your friends. Compassion will get you far in life, and I’m so glad you have it.

You are selfless too! I was so proud of you when you donated your hair to another child who needs it. I am very proud that you are willing to share your family and home and toys with other children who need a family, and I think that it will be great for them and you to have each other in your lives.

Happy Birthday Avery Grace! I love you so much.



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