Keeping your home safe is important, especially when you have young children. I have always been conscious of the places in my home that need to be locked away from the children and did my best to lock them, although some of my children seemed to be able to get through all of them! Dreambaby has a huge product line of safety products, including baby gates.

Dreambaby’s aim is to create a new brand focusing on child safety products, developing new products to reduce the number of avoidable injuries to children from household accidents such as poisonings, slips and falls, cuts and bruises and many other hazards which result in thousands of injuries, and sadly, some deaths of young children, every day. They have made some amazing products that you’ve probably heard of, such as their retractable gate. They have also created a wide array of household, bathroom, and kitchen safety products that are aimed at keeping babies safe.


Helps prevent children from opening appliances, cabinets, refrigerators…Also suitable for corners and curved surfaces. Click the image and watch the video for more info. The mini multi-purpose latches are easy to use and install. The strong, clear, flexible plastic will not take away from the decor of your home whilst protecting your children from dangers in the household. Suitable for use on almost any surface and appliance, these latches are a great addition to the safety of any home. Many uses including refrigerators, toilets, cabinets, drawers, glass cabinets, washing machines and dryers and much more.

This is an excellent product. I love that it doesn’t interfere with the appearance of your cupboards, and it works around corners. We have the white latches that you press down from above and when we went to install them on our kitchen drawers, we realized that we couldn’t! They way the drawers are built, there is nowhere to secure the latch. The problem is solved with the multi-purpose latch because we can secure it from around the side of the counter (seen in photo below). It also works great on the corner cupboard as you can see in the picture above.

Also shown above is the stove shield. This is perfect for keeping little hands from touching hot burners, and it also keeps hot grease from splattering onto any nearby children.

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