I love watching my garden grow. Last week I shared some pictures from the day I planted it, and just for fun (fun for me anyway!) I’m going to share pictures of my garden each week.

Here is a comparison of week 1 to week 2…

vegetable garden

I put the old coffee cans around the tomatoes that don’t have cages just to keep my little bunny visitor from eating them. Last year I planted my tomatoes and the next morning, there was nothing there! This year the bunny has eaten some of the marigolds, but that seems to be all. I do have a lot of weeds coming up already so I dug up around my plants today.

Here are some closer shots of the three gardens. This is the furthest garden and it has two zucchini plants, two pepper plants and a watermelon. This is my first time trying a watermelon in these gardens, so I’m not sure how well it will work out, but I’m giving it a shot. I also have a couple of marigolds in there because Griffin likes them and they are supposed to keep bugs away.

The middle garden is very full. It has green and yellow beans planted at the back (I need to put in something for them to climb), two pepper plants at the side, radishes next to the beans, two cucumber plants, onions and the big square area on the left is all carrots.

The last garden is almost all tomatoes. My Mom always gives me some tomato plants and she usually tells me what they are, but she had a little plant disaster (they were all knocked down and mixed up) so these are my mystery tomatoes. I’m actually pretty excited to see what we get! There are 8 tomato plants, one pepper plant and I planted onions all around the garden.

Thanks for visiting! I look forward to sharing next week’s progress.



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