I love the Toronto Zoo. I went as a kid with my family and when I became a Mom I started taking my son to the Zoo every summer. We still get to the Zoo at least once a year, and this year we had the opportunity to visit The Hidden Zoo. First we watched a presentation where we learned more about the Zoo’s conservation efforts, and we learned how the Zoo deals with species that are endangered.

I was very interested in the programs the Zoo is involved in to save endangered species. Zoo conservation staff are involved in habitat restoration, captive breeding and reintroduction, veterinary and reproductive research, and the exchange of genetic information with other zoos. Their programs have helped increase the population of animals like the African Penguin and next year they will have Giant Pandas at the Toronto Zoo as part of a breeding program.

After learning about these initiatives, we had the chance to see a rhino up close at the Zoo. We were told she is a “teenager” and she’s very gentle. She was enjoying some fruit while we were there, and you can see a funny picture of her trying to get some more fruit on my Wordless Wednesday post.

The Zoo treated us to a free ride on the Zoo carousel. It was handcrafted and each of the animals showcased on the carousel are species in danger of extinction. You can see my husband and Griffin and Avery to the left, and right ahead of him is Cheryl and her beautiful girls.

We then were left to enjoy the zoo. We saw a polar bear cub who was napping at just the right spot that I couldn’t get a good picture of him, but here are some of his family members.

Griffin was thrilled to finally see the penguins. They had babies too, but we didn’t see them. I was surprised at how many penguins there were!

Stingray Bay is where you go to touch a stingray, something we have done a few times before but we decided to do it again…well, some of us did. Avery is usually our little daredevil but she would not touch a stingray! The rest of us gave it a try though. They are very soft and smooth, and some of them are HUGE!

It was a great day at the Zoo and I really enjoyed learning more about the behind the scenes initiatives.



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