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Not a ball point; not a gel … a revolutionary new writing experience


Oakville, ON – Research conducted by Paper Mate indicated that consumers are using pens alongside smart phones and tablets and are demanding higher quality and performance. They want greater speed, smoothness and ease of writing than they can find in a traditional ballpoint, but without the smear that is common with a gel pen.

Paper Mate’s mission was simple: to develop an ink system that would provide effortless writing.  They wanted a pen that started quickly without dragging, required minimal pressure from the hand, and delivered crisp, clean lines every time.  But most of all, they wanted to bring back the joy to writing, so it felt right to call it InkJoy.

InkJoy addresses this need by combing a unique blend of ultra-low viscosity ink with optimized writing tips for delivering the ink.  The result is effortless writing that is very different from ball pens, gels or rollers.

Paper Mate is supporting the launch of InkJoy with its first-ever global marketing campaign, which launches February in Canada. Called “The World’s Most Stolen Pen,” the humorous campaign plays off the concept that Paper Mate InkJoy offers such a revolutionary writing experience, it is bound to be “borrowed” by friends and colleagues.

The Paper Mate InkJoy portfolio includes seven pen styles available in a variety of bright, modern ink colours.  The range of pens includes the everyday 100 series to the more elite 700 series, with product features and pricing advancing as the design increases.  The Paper Mate delivery system provides the same writing experience regardless of the model.  The InkJoy portfolio is now available wherever office products are sold, including Staples, Walmart, Loblaws and Basics, with a retail price range of $0.20 to $1.65 per pen, depending on your choice of model.

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I was happy to get these pens, because I can never find a pen and I was going to keep them all for myself, lol. Unfortunately, my husband had the same plan and stole a package as soon as he saw them. Since then, each of my pens has been stolen from my desk whenever I’m not looking! That must mean that they are good pens though, because everyone wants them.

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