The #1 New York Times bestseller returns this fall re-researched, retraveled, and rewritten with 200 new entries, 28 additional countries, 200 more pages, and more than 600 full-color photographs. And an engaging and interactive companion app for the iPad will be released simultaneously with the book’s publication. Offering a fresh new take on the world we live in now, it enables both armchair travelers and savvy globetrotters to get an inspiring taste of the world’s current riches and plan their next trip.

1,000 Places To See Before You Die, The New Full-Color Second Edition (Workman; paperback/hardcover: $19.95/$32.95) by Patricia Schultz is the perfect book for anyone dreaming or going. It brings to readers:
•New countries
•New experiences
•Budget-conscious suggestions
•Full-color photographs
•An interactive iPad app

1,000 Places To See Before You Die, The New Full-Color Second Edition once again pushes the boundaries of the travel category, revealing why the book —though often imitated—remains the most comprehensive, inspiring, and trusted travel guide available. It unequivocally provides readers with an arsenal of ways to broaden their horizons—both metaphorically and literally!


Travel is a fairly new thing for me, but one I’m enjoying a lot! I have some coveted destinations on my Bucket List, but after reading 1000 Places to See Before You Die, I have added to my list! This book has a huge list of incredible places to visit around the Globe. I was excited to see my hometown, Stratford, Ontario, on the list!

I am heading to New York City soon and this book has helped me figure out some of the “must see” sites while I’m there. I’ve used the book as reference for a trip to California as well, and also for planning a trip to Niagara Falls. This book has become my travel bible or my reference for my bucket list. It’s definitely a handy tool!




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