Preparing meals in the summer can be tricky if you want to avoid turning on the oven or the stove, which I certainly do! We fire up the barbecue for most of our meat and I’ve learned that most vegetables are pretty good on the grill too! Zucchini, corn on the cob, asparagus, tomatoes, and peppers are all veggies that we enjoy grilled, and I’m always trying new things and looking for more creative grilling.

My family enjoys a lot of salads in the summer too. We make potato salad, greek salad and cucumber tomato salad on a regular basis, and we dig into the fresh fruit quite often. My husband and I enjoy hummus and guacamole, but the kids haven’t warmed up to those quite yet. Actually, I don’t think they’ve tried them yet, because they are fussy!

I was looking online for some more appetizers and snacks to make during the summer, especially when entertaining, and I found some great recipes on the Life Made Delicious site. The Healthified Greek Layered Dip looks incredible, and the Honey Nutty Chex Mix would be great for my kids too.

Summer desserts are great, especially the ones with fresh fruit…and of course I enjoy a summer drink now and then, like these Peachy Mimosas.

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