Throwing a summer party for your family and friends

There are many reasons to host a party in your garden; to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, or just because the weather is great and you feel like it!   No matter what the reason, you’ll need to organize a few things to help make your party really memorable.

Furniture and Shelter:   No matter how many guests you have, they’ll be a lot happier if you give them a place to get comfortable and relax.   Make sure you have enough benches and seats, maybe even some deckchairs so that people can lay back and let the sun enrich their skin.    For those of us that are a little sun-shy, why not put up a canopy or two?   This will also let people stay outside if an unwelcome rain cloud drifts by and spills a little shower on your party.

Entertainment:    If you’ve got a little more money to spend, why not splash out on some entertainment?   Having a band play for a couple of hours can be a great way to break the ice, and maybe even get your guests dancing.  Make sure to ask for a sample CD beforehand, so that you don’t accidentally book the a heavy metal band!

If there are lots of children attending your party, perhaps a magician or children’s entertainer would fit the bill.    Keeping the kids together in a big group will certainly keep them happy, and allow some of the parents to relax a bit and allow them more chance to mingle.  You can find magicians, bands and more at, along with all the furniture you’ll need to make your party a hit.

Food and drinks:   Finally, you’ll want to keep appetites sated and thirsts quenched with your own selection of drinks and snacks.   A barbecue is a popular focal point at outdoor parties, and can be just as suitable for vegetarians as for meat-eaters.   You could also hire a catering company to keep all your guests happy and allow you to stay out of the kitchen and in the middle of it all where you belong.



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