I know I skipped a few weeks on showing the garden, and I think that everything has grown so much that we are beyond weekly comparisons and onto enjoying the fruits of my labour. Look what I found this week…

The zucchini plants are thriving! I have so many zucchini growing that I will definitely be sharing with my friends and family. There are a few that are large enough to pick, but I’m leaving them for now. I love grilled zucchini though, so I may have to pick on later on today when we barbecue!

The tomatoes are finally growing! There are little pea sized tomatoes all over the place.

I have picked a few banana peppers already, and there are more ready to go. My husband loves to do foil packs of banana peppers, onions, mushrooms, salt and butter on the grill…and it tastes great with steak!

The green and yellow beans are climbing their trellis and sprouting little baby beans. I always end up with so many beans that I blanch and freeze them to eat in the winter.

My carrots and onions are growing fast, and the radishes were doing well until a hungry rabbit munched away a lot of the tops. I don’t know if the radishes were be okay under the ground. My green peppers aren’t producing anything yet, and either are my cucumbers or watermelon. Yes, the watermelon is still alive. It is still very small, but looks much healthier than before. I think it helped to protect it with the can!

I was lazy last year and didn’t clear out my garden at the end of the season. As a result, I seem to have some stray plants growing. There are two plants that look like cucumbers that are growing in the zucchini garden (this is where the cucumbers were last year). I hate to pull them out but I might have to pull one of them because it is growing right next to my pepper plant and I don’t believe they can both survive.

Thanks for checking in on my garden! Click below to see previous weeks.

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