Technology Helps Mom Get Organized

Running a home is just like running a business.  Priorities are constantly changing and staying organized is critical.  Today, busy moms look for every time saving advantage, including the increased use of technology, as they tackle the important job of organizing a busy household.

Making labels to keep things organized is now easy on the fingers – and the wallet – with the DYMO® LabelManager® 160 handheld label maker. Clearly labeled folders help to organize and provide easy access to critical personal items like birth certificates and pas sports, health records, car repair records, insurance policies and sports and school schedules.  Organize pantry items, spice racks, plastic food containers, binders for takeout menus, photo albums, storage boxes and warranty files with proper labels. And don’t forget to label everything a child uses at school to make sure it comes home; lunch and juice boxes, books, binders and pencil cases.  

The DYMO LabelManager 160 makes it simple to get organized on a budget.  The familiar, computer-style keyboard and one-touch formatting keys allow users to create and print professional-looking labels anytime and anywhere. Features include:

  • Easy typing on the computer-style (QWERTY) keyboard
  • Quick formatting with one-touch fast-format keys for text size, bold, italic, underline/box and vertical text
  • Previewing layouts and effects prior to printing on the large LCD display – saving potential labels from a wasteful misprint
  • Compatibility with DYMO D1 labels in ¼”, 3/8” and ½” widths – for any office application
  • 6 font sizes, 8 text styles, 4 boxes, 228 symbols and clip art images
  • Portability, as it’s powered by 6 AAA alkaline batteries

The Dymo LabelManager 160 handheld label maker is available at Staples Advantage, Costco, Grand & Toy, Basics, Lyreco & Novexco throughout Canada and retails for approximately $34.99. For more information about this and other DYMO products, please visit


The DYMO LabelManager is a really cool little piece of technology. When it arrived at our house, I had to try it out right away, so I just made some silly labels trying all of the different font options. The kids thought it looked like fun, so they had to get in on the action, and they all made labels for their beds (you know, in case they forget which bed is theirs or they wake up in the night and don’t remember their names).

A couple of days later I was working on a new budgeting tool (using jars for your weekly expenses) and I realized I had the perfect tool for the jars! I made very neat little labels for every jar. I am going to use it to label the kids’ books when school is about to start, and I added a “No Soliciting” label to my front door to hopefully deter the energy people who are always trying to get my to sign up with them. So far it seems to be working!

With the addition of three more children to our family, I will soon be adding labels to dresser drawers in an attempt to keep some order to the kids’ clothing. This is a great tool for keeping families organized!

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