Mobi introduces AnimaLamps™, the cool-running LED light that’s great for desktop, late night changing table and feeding, reading in bed, games, and playtime. Portable and solidly built, AnimaLamps ™ can go anywhere. Adjustable brightness, one-touch operation and built-in rechargeable battery makes it the perfect light for children. Caution: we’ve heard reports of parents stealing AnimaLamps ™ from  the nursery. Do your kids a favor- buy one of your own!

TRIPLE AWARD WINNER – AnimaLamps has been awarded Mom’s Choice Gold, NAPPA Gold and National Parenting Center Seal of Approval awards.

  • Portable Desk/Security Night Light
  • Great for late night changing table
  • Just the right amount of light for late night feeding
  • Safe for reading in bed
  • Backseat travel light
  • Sturdy enough for games & playtime
  • Touch Adjustable Brightness Control
  • Up to 8-12 hours per charge


These lights are not only really cute, but I love how practical they are too! My boys sleep in bunk beds, which makes it hard to provide a light for them to use at night to read before going to sleep (yes, I let them read at night). Before getting our Animalamps I had to leave the light on their bedroom, but now they each have their own light! I like how easily the lights turn on and off, and I really like that they are wireless so I can let them have them in their beds or in the van at night. They would be really good for late night feedings of the new baby too!

The cute Hippo wallmate is another perfect addition for providing a little extra light at night. I know my kids have always liked having a night light and these adorable wallmates provide just enough light to keep your children feeling comfortable. They come in other cute animal shapes too!

Private Audio Monitor 

We know today’s young families are always on the move. So we developed Pure Sounds™ Audio Monitor. Its compact design makes it easy to carry within a wide, 600 foot area, which is especially important in today’s active households packed with wireless devices. And you can be assured of Mobi’s Pure Sounds™ private and secure operation with its static-free 2.4GHz technology. Pure Sounds™ technology allows the sound signals to penetrate walls and travel through floors and ceilings, so you can hear your little ones with clarity.  The Pure Sounds™  Wireless Audio Monitor is environmentally friendly with its built-in rechargeable battery for the monitor. High performance and peace of mind for today’s families.

  • Secure, private 2.4 GHz operation
  • Clear sound
  • 600 ft. operating range
  • Low battery & out-of-range alerts
  • Rechargeable NIMH monitor battery
  • Belt Clip included


This monitor is lightweight and easy to use. It’s perfect for keeping baby close by, even when you can’t. The wide operating range is perfect so that the new mom can take care of things while still listening for baby. It even comes with a handy belt clip!

Award-Winning DualScan Dual Ear or Forehead Thermometer

With so many impressive features, our DualScan Ultra Digital Ear Forehead Thermometer makes temperature-taking almost fun. The built-in mini LED flashlight, combined with its super-fast 2-second reading means you won’t disturb your sleeping patients. And for advanced diagnostics, the Data-and-Time module stores the date and time of the last 20 readings for comparison, while the large bright display also shows room temperature, calendar and clock. Plus, the Dual Scan’s optional voice readout makes it an especially valuable health instrument for those with impaired vision.

The Mobi DualScan Ultra has been honored with the NAPPA Silver and the Mom’s Choice Gold Award and has received top ratings from online publications like

  • Convenient Ear or Forehead Use
  • Temperature readings in 2 seconds
  • Mini LED flashlight for use in the dark. Won’t disturb your sleeping invalid
  • Large back-lit readout screen
  • Talking Voice readout option
  • Stores last 20 measurements with date & time for comparison
  • Clock, Calendar, and room temperature feature
  • Table stand included


Every Mom needs an easy to use and reliable thermometer, and this is just that. I love that it has dual uses, and that you can read it in the dark. It even has a voice readout and clock!

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