Day: August 14, 2012

Fit Fruit & Veggie Wash

Our family has made a more conscious effort to eat healthy of late.  Which means, we eat a lot of fresh produce in our house.  I am in the process of building raised beds for a garden next year, but since our garden projects are not putting produce on the table this year, most of the fresh fruits and vegetables that we eat comes from the supermarket shelf.  Buying all organic is not in our budget, so I don’t always know what our produce may have come into contact with.  I have always washed our fruits and vegetables.  After...

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Visit the place movies are made: Universal Studios Hollywood

I was pretty excited to visit Universal Studios Hollywood. I am a movie fanatic, and to visit the place where so many movies are actually made is pretty exciting. I had to educate Kellen about some classic movies like King Kong and Jaws before we went on the Studio Tour, and he was pretty interested to see it all too. Since the Studio Tours was at the top of our list of things to do, we went straight to it. There was a long line but it was only about a half hour wait and it was totally worth...

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