Day: August 31, 2012

Win a School Pkg from Oliver’s Labels

Every year I buy my kids everything they need for the school year, including winter clothing like hats, mittens, boots, etc. I write their names on labels where I can, but with mittens and hats there is no place to write, so they often don’t get labeled. So what happens? They get lost. And often quickly! My youngest is four years old and started Junior Kindergarten last year. He had to take extra clothing “just in case” and we kept extra shoes, hats and sunscreen at school, and all of this stuff got lost. I don’t know if he...

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Win The Lucky One Blu-ray Combo Pack

Nicholas Sparks know show to write a great love story, but let’s face it … they don’t always have a happy ending! I know that may be closer to reality, but I don’t always need some reality in my life. So… when I realized that The Lucky One was a movie based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, I was wary of the heartbreak I was going to experience from watching it! I decided to give it a chance anyway, because Zac Efron’s eyes are nice to watch, if nothing else. (You agree? Check out the Evolution of Zac below)...

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Choosing picture day clothes

School is starting again next week, and with the new school year comes new school pictures. Each year I debate on what the kids should wear for picture day. For Avery it is fairly easy, she loves to dress up in girly clothes and look pretty, so picture day is a good day for her. She puts together her frilliest outfit and shows off her girly side. But for the boys, it’s not so simple. Do I send them in a tee shirt because that is what they like and usually wear? I like this because the picture will...

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