Our family has made a more conscious effort to eat healthy of late.  Which means, we eat a lot of fresh produce in our house.  I am in the process of building raised beds for a garden next year, but since our garden projects are not putting produce on the table this year, most of the fresh fruits and vegetables that we eat comes from the supermarket shelf.  Buying all organic is not in our budget, so I don’t always know what our produce may have come into contact with.  I have always washed our fruits and vegetables.  After all, fresh fruits and vegetables often grow around dirt (and manure).  In the past, though, I had always washed them with water.  I didn’t realize that washing with water alone wasn’t enough to remove all the dirt and contaminants from our food.  When I realized this, I attempted to make my own fruit and vegetable wash.  Epic. Fail.  I essentially ended up with foaming vinegar.  Blech.

Then I found Fit Fruit & Vegetable Wash.

Fit Fruit & Veggie Wash Spray

I originally found it on the grocer’s shelf, and bought a bottle.  I loved it.  So much so, that I used it all up. Before I had a chance to run to the grocery to buy a new bottle, I received the opportunity to review the product.  Um, yes, please.  I already knew I loved the spray, but I wanted to try the Fruit & Vegetable Soak.  It would be nice to clean a bunch at once and be done.  Right?


Fit Fruit & Veggie Wash

TryFit’s Fit Fruit & Veggie Wash is 100% natural, removes 98% more contaminants vs. washing with water alone, is certified for organic produce, and is certified kosher.  What I like the best about it is that my fruits and veggies look more appetizing and last longer when washed with TryFit Fruit & Veggie Wash than when washed with water.  Anything to stretch the budget!

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***Product samples provided to facilitate review.  Unabashed adoration all my own.***

Virginia Higgins is a Christian wife, mother, minister, and owner/author of That Bald Chick. In her free time, she enjoys writing, reading, and photography.
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