I have used Majesta in my home often because it is an affordable toilet paper that doesn’t feel like sandpaper or tissue paper… that is what I look for in a toilet paper! I recently had the chance to learn more about Majesta, and I am very impressed.

Majesta is “Treesponsible”, which means that they plant 3 trees for every tree that they use to make their products. To date, they have planted over 1.6 million trees. That is incredible! I had no idea that Majesta was such an environmentally responsible company, and that is important to me. It is important enough to take me from a part time customer, to a dedicated customer. Majesta is now my brand.

MAJESTA bathroom tissue is made with natural wood fibre and therefore disposes easily through plumbing systems and is safe for septic systems. Two third-party tests (Column Settling, Anaerobic Disintegration) confirm that MAJESTA bathroom tissue disperses quickly and is in fact safe for use with septic tank systems, as long as the septic system is properly sized and maintained in accordance with its manufacturer’s specifications.

I have friends who are RVers and I understand how important it is to have a toilet paper that breaks down easily in their septic systems. Majesta recommends that you take the Shake Test to see just how well Majesta breaks down.

The Shake Test: Fill an empty jar (a 16 oz / 454 ml jar works great) half full with water. Put in a sheet or two of your toilet paper. Shake the jar rapidly for a few seconds. If the toilet paper falls apart, it’s RV holding tank friendly.

For more information about Majesta, as well as access to their latest news and promotions, check out their Facebook page.



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