My family loves the movies. My husband and I head out to a show at least once a month, and we try to take the whole family monthly too. This can get expensive with a family of six though, so we rely on SCENE points to help us get to more movies!

A few years ago my husband and I were shopping around for a new bank, and when we looked at Scotiabank, we not only saw significantly lower fees than a lot of banks, but we learned we could earn SCENE points by using our debit cards. We were already collecting SCENE points, and we liked the idea of earning them even faster! Since we got our cards, we have been enjoying free movies and even free popcorn and drinks almost every month! Scotiabank also has a SCENE Visa card that can earn you even more points and get you to the movies more often!

This month, thanks to SCENE points given to us as a courtesy, we took the family to the movies for free! My husband and I, and our three youngest kids went to Silvercity to watch Paranorman, and we were able to do it without spending any money! With SCENE points, we purchased our movie tickets and all of our movie snacks right from the ticket kiosk! There are a lot of options when purchasing with SCENE points, you can get a movie ticket for 1000 points, or you can get 2 adult movie tickets and one combo (a regular popcorn and 2 regular drinks) for 2500 points! I bought two of the 2500 point packages, and a children’s ticket and kid combo for another 1500 points. And the nice thing was, we had enough points left over for my husband and I to see another movie on our own (he convinced me to see Batman, which was actually pretty good but I’m not admitting that to him).

Joining SCENE is free, and your SCENE card also saves you 10% on movie snacks and Tuesday movie tickets. You also earn points every time you buy a movie ticket, so if you like the movies as much as we do, you will be racking them up quickly!

Two of my lucky readers are going to have a chance to win 1000 SCENE points so they can see a movie for free too! If you don’t have a SCENE card yet, you can still win! Just sign up for free at

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