Have you heard of Winx yet? It’s a Nickelodeon show that your little girl won’t want to miss!

An ordinary girl from Planet Earth, Bloom lives a perfectly normal life in the city of Gardenia until she meets Stella, a Princess from the planet Solaria, who is in trouble. Going to Stella’s aid, Bloom discovers her magical powers. Stella persuades Bloom to join Alfea, the best fairy school in all the realms. In Alfea, Bloom forms Winx Club, whose members are her four friends and roommates – Stella, Musa, Tecna, and Flora. Later, they encounter and befriend the Specialists – Brandon, Riven, Timmy, and Sky, who will also become their love interests. The Winx Club members also encounter a trio of witches from Cloud Tower – Icy, Darcy and Story, who are known as Trix. Trix are in search of the power of the Dragon’s Flame and their ruthless pursuit lead to many encounters and battles with Winx Club. Bloom also begins to learn the secrets of her planet, parents, and powers.

The WINX characters represent today’s modern girl.  Relying on their strength, smarts and teamwork, they are heroines that girls relate to.  Savvy and smart, the WINX are also playful and fashion forward. Positive messaging and girl empowerment it what the Winx Club epitomizes and their guiding principles that appeal to girls are self-expression, friendship, adventure, magic and fashion.

When trouble arises, the Winx Club transforms into beautiful fairies who use their magical powers to fight villains and save the world from evil. Each fairy has a unique power that not only helps define her as an individual, but helps her defeat villains. Also, each fairy has her own personality traits and hobbies, so there is really a character for every girl to relate to.

We received a complete set of WinxClub 11.5” Deluxe Believix Dolls: Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, & Aisha.

The 11.5” Deluxe Fashion Dolls feature the six friends with eleven points of articulation, super deluxe trend-setting outfits and spectacular hinged wings showcasing beautiful Believix style.

Avery is a typical eight year old girl, and she was thrilled to receive these dolls. I tried to encourage her to play with one or two before opening every package, but each doll had something special about it that made her “need” to open them all. She watched a DVD with the Winx show on it too, and enjoyed acting out the parts from the show with her dolls.

My real surprise with the Winx dolls was how much Griffin liked them. He fell in love with Musa (she has blue hair) and he and Avery had a little trouble agreeing on whose dolls these were!

One of my lucky readers will also get a chance to own the whole set of Winx dolls!

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