Month: September 2012

Learning to work together while having fun #FisherPriceMoms

Having children from various age groups doesn’t mean that they don’t like to play with the same toys. Well, maybe Eric doesn’t because he’s twenty (or maybe he does but he wouldn’t want to let on that he still plays with toys), but Kellen, Avery and Griffin often enjoy playing with the same toys, and I love to watch them learn from one another. Fisher Price sent us some pretty awesome toys this month, and all three of the kids were uber excited to get the boxes opened up and get playing! I made them enjoy one thing at...

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Healthy Treats make Happy Kids

Sometimes I feel like all my kids ever do is snack. They are always asking for snacks, looking in the fridge, and begging for treats. But when I put a healthy meal in front of them, they suddenly aren’t hungry anymore. I have a rule that requires them to try everything on their plates, but I don’t turn meal times into a battle by trying to force them to eat everything on their plates. I just don’t have the energy for that! So how do I make sure that they are still getting the healthy food they need in...

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Meet the eight #MOTY Finalists!

Eight finalist have been selected out of over sixteen thousand Moms who were nominated for the Walmart Mom of the Year awards. You can read the stories of these amazing women on the Mom of the Year website. I read through each one of them and I was really touched to learn all of their stories. There is a woman who, following the loss of her brother, pioneered a fundraiser that supports the Canadian Mental Health Association. Another woman is credited for donating one of her kidneys, and yet another who is a leader in education and fund raising...

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Add a little personality to your gift cards!

Sometimes the best gift to give is one that they can pick out themselves. Since my son reached his teen years, I’ve found it hard to know what to get him for Christmas, and with a gift card I know he will be able to pick out something that he really likes. I like gift cards for other family members too, but it seems impersonal and a little boring to hand someone a gift card in an envelope. Now that I have discovered Snomee, gift card giving doesn’t have to be so boring! Snomee is a fun and creative...

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Are you a Scotiabank Game Changer? #sbgamechanger

To launch the CFL season, Scotiabank has started a new program called the Scotiabank Game Changers. The program runs from June 21st to October 29th, and they’re inviting Canadians to nominate anyone who they feel has given back to their community by supporting a charity of their choice. Do you think you qualify? That’s great! You can nominate yourself as well!  Once nominated, others can visit the site and vote for their favourite. There will be 72 regional Scotiabank Game Changers who will each receive $1,000 for a charity of their choice as well as a CFL prize pack....

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