My family went to Niagara Falls on a mini vacation recently, and we had the amazing opportunity to go on the Whirlpool Wet Jet Tours. There are two options with Whirlpool, the wet jet boats or the jet dome boats. The Jet Dome is a covered boat so you don’t get soaked, and the Wet Jet is open. My husband really wanted to try the wet jet, and Avery is always ready to try something new, so the two of them did that first. While they were off on their adventure, I found a spot at the top of the Niagara Gorge where I could catch a glimpse of their boat.

They had an amazing time, and they got completely soaked, lol. This is not their ride, but it’s a video that shows you just how much fun they had.


Griffin wasn’t tall enough for the Wet Jet boat, and Kellen didn’t want to get wet, so we opted to go on the Jet Dome. Mike and Avery came along too, since they had such a great time on the wet jet. The Jet Dome took us on the same route as the Wet Jet … down the Gorge to see the Level 5 rapids. They did a few Hamilton turns (very fun!) in the boat and we watched the water completely wash over the top of the boat more than once. Here is a promotional video to show you the Jet Dome.


When we weren’t hitting walls of water or doing Hamilton Turns, they opened up the windows so we could see and hear the amazing rapids and sites at the Niagara Gorge. It was breathtaking. I caught a video of the rapids that you can see below. These are level 5 rapids, which are some of the most extreme rapids, and it is illegal to take a boat into them, so we were watching from the sides.


This was really an incredible experience, and I want to do it again in the Wet Jet. Now that Kellen has tried the Jet Dome, he also wants to go on the Wet Jet. Hopefully Griffin will be tall enough next year!



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