Last month my family had the amazing opportunity to go to The Big Ticket Summer Concert at the CNE. The concert was put on by The Family Channel and the performers were R5, Veronica, Tyler Medeiros, Allstar Weekend and Bridgit Mendler. Kellen was super excited to see Ross Lynch from Austin and Ally and Avery was thrilled to see Bridgit Mendler from Good Luck Charlie. We arrived to the CNE area an hour before the concert, but traffic was so crazy that it took two hours to get to a parking lot. Unfortunately, we missed the first two acts. Kellen was very disappointed that he missed Ross Lynch, but we made the best of it and enjoyed the rest of the concert.

Tyler Medeiros was awesome. He put on a great show for the girls in the audience who were definitely head over heels for him. The dancers that were with him were incredible too. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I had no idea who All Star Weekend was, at least until they started singing. It turns out I knew all of their songs, I just didn’t know their band name. I am almost 40, so everyone needs to cut me a little slack on that one. They were just as popular with the girls, and they are great performers.

In between performance, some of the Family Channel actors were entertaining the crowd. Demetrius Joyette (who I met once before) joined Brittany Adams, Kiana Madeira, Sydney Imbeau, Tiago Abreu, Ana Golja and Ed Witzke to hold some contests, talk to the crowd and generally entertain us. The entire audience had a chance to participate in an anti-bullying campaign song, and we will be in the music video when it is released in November!

We finally got to the last performance of the night: Bridgit Mendler. The seats suddenly filled and the signs came out, because everyone loves Bridgit. She is so cute and personable. She chatted with members of the audience and sang songs from her upcoming album, and everyone loved her. I loved that Avery and Griffin were dancing in the aisles while they watched her. It was truly a dream come true for Avery and I hope that Kellen can someday see Ross Lynch and have the same excitement.

If you missed the concert, you can have a chance to see it on television! The Family Channel will be airing the concert on Friday September 7 at 8pm et/pt! We are going to watch it so we can see what we missed, and maybe even catch a glimpse of ourselves in the audience!



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