Month: October 2012

Dessert Recipe: Raspberry-Yogurt Cake

I want my kids to try a variety of food, and of course I want them to get the health benefits from eating nutritious meals too. So I am introducing them to new recipes that are not only delicious, but also great for them! Fruits and vegetables are obviously important for their growth and well being, and it is also important that they are getting enough DHA for healthy brain growth. That is why we use Dairy Oh! milk every day. It has the DHA that the kids need, and it’s also great to cook with! I found this...

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Wordless Wednesday: The Buick Verano

This was probably the fanciest Klout Perk I have ever received…three days with the Buick Verano. It’s a smooth ride, great on gas and has enough room for my kids and a whole lot of groceries...

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Great Savings on Travel and Attractions for CAA Members #CAASCO #GameofLife

I love to travel. There is nothing like embarking on a new adventure to bring your family closer together. All of our adventures don’t have to be huge though. We have a great time going to semi-local amusement parks or waterparks for a day too! CAA can help make those big and small trips more affordable. With a CAA Membership, you qualify for savings on flights, hotels, cruises, vacation packages and even car rentals. I wanted to see what savings I could find for flights through CAA, so I set up a flight search on the CAA site for...

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Celebrate Halloween with Bratzillaz and Lalaloopsy!

Halloween isn’t just about candy and costumes…it’s about having fun! And what is more fun to a little girl than playing with dolls? I got my daughter in the full Halloween spirit when I presented her with Cloetta Spelletta, one of the new dolls from the Halloween inspired Bratz collection. Cloetta has pink and white hair and is fashionable in her pink and black outfit. The witches hat really finishes her outfit off, and my daughter thinks she’s pretty cool. Award-winning toy manufacturer MGA Entertainment extends ‘best witches’ to all who love fantasy play with the summer debut of...

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Eight Stress-Reducing Effects of Adding Self-Care to Your Day {Guest Post}

Stress gets a bad rap, and with good reason. Although having some stress in our lives is actually a good thing — stress helps us stay on task to accomplish what we need to get done — the levels of stress many people face on a daily basis are anything but healthy. High levels of chronic stress can lead to depression, exhaustion, headaches, gastrointestinal problems, insomnia and even heart disease. Self-care goes a long way toward reducing stress, but minimizing the related health risks is only half of how reducing stress helps you. Taking the time for reducing stress...

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