My oldest son is in his second year of college, and this year he decided not to live in the dorms. He is living in his own apartment for the first time. We all know what that is like…moving out on your own for the first time and needing to get everything. Over the summer we gathered up many things he would need, and his roommate was doing the same, so on moving day we thought they had most of what they needed. Of course, there are always things that you don’t think of or that you can’t get until you know the window sizes, etc.

Thanks to Sears, we had a way to go and get some of those last minute items: Sears Club Points. Sears provided me with a Sears Rewards card with 20,000 points so that I could make purchases using points and see just how easy it is! Just in case you don’t have a Sears card or you aren’t familiar with the Sears Club, here is a description from the Sears site…

When you receive your Sears Mastercard or Sears Card, you are automatically enrolled in the Sears Club Points Program, where you can get up to 2% back in free rewards. You’ll collect valuable Sears Club Points per $1 you charge to your Sears MasterCard or Sears Card. Collect Sears Club Points when you use your Sears Card at Sears and at merchant locations where the Sears Card is accepted. Sears Club Points can be redeemed for Sears Club Rewards Cards good for Sears merchandise and services or convert your Sears Club Points to Petro-Points and vice versa, or donate your Sears Club Points to Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada.

Our points card was equal to about $200, and the first thing we needed was some curtain rods and curtains. Lucky for us it was Sears Days and there were some great sales on. We headed into a Sears store where our Mother/Son banter entertained the store clerk. My son couldn’t imagine how I knew the dimensions of his windows or why I would have a tape measure in my purse. I’m a Mom, that’s how! He picked out a couple of curtain sets, and we chose a decorative wrought iron curtain rod, and a pressure mounted one. It turned out the wrought iron one wasn’t going to work because his window goes all the way to the ceiling (something I overlooked when measuring), so I ended up going back and getting another pressure mounted one.

The Sears Rewards card was very easy to use in the store. They swiped it like a debit card, and gave me a receipt that listed the remaining balance on the card. It was a very quick and easy process! We still have some points left and we will be using them to get some more last minute items for his new apartment. Thankfully, Sears has most everything you need for a first apartment.

Disclosure – I am participating in the Sears Club Points program by Mom Central Canada. I received compensation for my participation in this campaign. The opinions on this blog are my own.



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