Whether you are lucky enough to be building your own home or are just looking for something new on the market, it is always important to consider the type of backyard you need – and want. When deciding upon your perfect backyard, you should consider your current lifestyle, the needs of children and pets, maintenance requirements and the area in which you live. Considering all of these factors will ensure that you and your family are on the right track to coming home to your dream backyard. For some expert advice on how best to choose your garden and backyard, read on to discover our helpful hints.

Your Neighbourhood

When choosing your backyard, you should always consider the neighbourhood and area in which you live. Your neighbourhood can have a great deal to do with the outcome of your venture, particularly if you live in an estate with restrictions. Council regulations can also inhibit dramatic landscaping choices, so be sure to check with your local guidelines, before implementing your plans. If you live in a neighbourhood that has high levels of foot traffic along your fence line, be careful about planting valuable plants within the reach of outsiders.

Consider the Climate

If you are making the conscious decision to reduce your water usage, you should always contemplate the climate that you live in. Hot and dry climates, for instance, will often produce gardens and lawn areas that require a great deal of water. If you do live in a dry climate, reducing the area of lawn within your backyard will greatly assist in reducing water consumption. Also, choose plants that will thrive in your climate, rather than perish.

Children & Pets

If you have younger children or pets, always consider them when planning your backyard. Poisonous or prickly plants, for instance, are not a good choice. If you are using a rock ground covering, opt for a smooth pebble, rather than rocks with sharp edges. The amount of shade provided in your backyard is also something that you should investigate, as it is vitally important that there is adequate shade cover provided, for both pets and children.

It’s your Lifestyle

When designing the ideal backyard for you and your family, consider what its main use will be. If you enjoy entertaining, for instance, consider incorporating an alfresco entertaining area into your design. For those with a busy lifestyle, consider the maintenance requirements of your new yard. Will a great deal of lawn area see you mowing every weekend? If this isn’t something you’d like to add to your current lifestyle, be smart about the ground covering decisions you make.

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