There has always been Lego in my home. We grew up building with it, and when I moved into my own home I quickly started building up our stock of Lego Duplo for my son. Twenty years later we still have most of that Lego Duplo, and much, much more to go along with it! We have built up quite an extensive collection of regular Lego too! I love how timeless Lego is, and that it doesn’t matter that there is 16 years between my first child and my last…Lego continues to be a toy and learning tool in our home.

I am particularly excited to announce that I was selected as an official LEGO DUPLO Play Agent! This means that my children will be blessed to try out some great Lego Duplo products, and I can share some of the great ways they learn through play with their Duplo. This month we received a great package of Lego Duplo products that included the following:

  • LEGO® DUPLO® Large Brick Box
  • LEGO® DUPLO® Bricks and Books (busy farm set)
  • LEGO® DUPLO® Play with Letters

I have a particular fondness for the Play with Letters set. Last year, Griffin was really struggling with learning his letters. He had the ability to learn, but he just wasn’t interested. He has a late November birthday, so he was one of the youngest children in his class, and he would rather be playing than doing schoolwork. We had tried many different ways to teach him his letters, but the progress was slow and I was feeling discouraged. Then we received the box of Play with Letters, and we built the Alphabet Train. Griffin loved that train, and he actually paid attention while I told him the letters. In just a few days, he learned several of the letters! I was thrilled, and his teacher was too! So, when we received a second set of Play with Letters, we decided to share it with Griffin’s class so that maybe he could continue to learn with them at school as well as at home, and so maybe another child could benefit from them as well. It was a lesson in sharing, and Griffin was very proud of himself when he gave it to his teacher.

Since the new Lego Duplo products arrived, Griffin has been enjoying quite a bit of independent play with the Large Brick Box. This is unusual for him, and I love to watch him play on his own and not ask someone to do it for him. Rather than building by attaching the bricks, Griffin likes to set up the blocks in patterns around the room, usually in a huge circle. He’s quite the perfectionist about it, and we can’t move any of them without getting an ear full from him!

The Busy Farm Bricks and Books was a hit with all of the kids. Avery may be older than the kit is intended for, but she really likes building the animals for Griffin, and Kellen build a train for the animals. I love that they did some cooperative play!

“Disclosure: I am a LEGO DUPLO Play Agent and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”



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