Day: November 6, 2012

Huggies helps new parents get ready for baby

My niece is expecting her first baby, and it’s reminding me what it was like to get ready for that first little bundle to come into your life. You need so many things for one little person…furniture, clothing, toys, diapers, skincare and healthcare products, strollers, bottles, and lots and lots of cleaning products. I don’t think that any new parent is really aware of how messy parenting can be until they are deep in the throes of it all! A newborn spitting up can mean an entire wardrobe change for Mom or Dad; meal times in a high chair...

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Win 1 of 12 Diaper Genie Elites! ARV $45.99 each {Canada only}

My first child was born a few years before Diaper Genies were invented, so I was left to dispose of diapers in grocery bags and empty my garbage frequently. It was a bit of a pain, but I didn’t really know any different at the time. Eleven years later when I had my second child and my third just 16 months later, a diaper genie was an essential tool! Dirty diapers from two babies can make a big stink, and the diaper genie made that manageable. Today, the Diaper Genie Elite is even more effective at containing odours than...

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