Day: November 15, 2012

Win a $250 prize pack from Outset Media #holidayshowcase

I love family game night, and I especially love when we play games that are educational and fun. Outset Media excels at creating games that help children learn through play, and I’m excited to give some of my readers the chance to win a $250 prize pack of games from Outset Media! Outset Media has won a variety of awards for both the business and their games. They are a Canadian company and they market their games and puzzles across North America, the Caribbean, Australia, and Europe. Outset Media’s mission is to create board games, card games and puzzles...

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Adventure Life offers family Mexico Tours {Guest Post}

My husband and I have three kids with three different personalities and interests.  Throw their particular parents into the mix (i.e. Mom & Dad) and putting together a family trip to please the spectrum of ages and unique personalities is … interesting.  After nearly a decade of working for the tour operator Adventure Life, planning my own family vacation is a true test of my professional know-how.  I’ll admit; I can be pretty picky.  This year’s pick: a number of Mexico Tours, geared for families.  Here’s why. Water Wonders Hands down, the number one request I get from my...

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Echinacea helps keep colds and flus away

With cold and flu season upon us, I am trying to make sure we stay healthy! Like I have said before, I teach my children proper hand washing techniques and I hope that they use them when they go off to school…but the reality is that they are around hundreds of other children every day and they are going to bring home germs and viruses. It is always Mom’s job to take care of the family, especially when someone is sick, so I need to do my best to stay healthy. It’s no fun taking care of sick kids...

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My goal in life: To always be experiencing new things

Turning 40 has had a profound impact on me, and how I think about my life. I know it’s just a number, but it’s one that reminds me that time is marching by and there are so many things in life that I really want to experience. My goals in life aren’t about living in a mansion or owning a brand new BMW x3, I am fine with a comfortable home and a car that will get from point A to point B. My goal, outside of raising happy and healthy children and having a loving marriage, is to...

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